Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beetle Tattoo! AND A Sloth Tattoo!

A lovely lady from Brooklyn, NY is in the process of getting my beetle design tattooed on her arm!
She sent me this photo of phase one of the tattoo...more color coming soon!

 What an incredible honor! Thank you, Kristen!
My "Beetle" painting.

AND- I am updating this post because I just realized I never posted photos of the lovely lady from Minneapolis with my sloth and kitty design tattooed on her leg! Check it out!
Thank you again, Ashley!!!

More tattoos of my art: a bat and a kitty!


Hastypearl said...

It's one thing for someone to own and place in their home one of your paintings, but what must it feel like for someone to commit to one of your images on their BODIES for the rest of their lives??????
Out of all of the art they could choose...they choose YOU!
Love following your blog...

Jennifer Davis Art said...

@hatsypearl- I KNOW! I think about these gals as little ol' ladies walking around with my art on their bodies and my heart overfloweth! =0)