Sunday, December 9, 2012

Custom Hand-Painted Paper Shooting Targets

Here are a bunch of the gazillion hand-painted paper shooting targets I have painted over the past year or so. These are really fun to make. 

I take custom orders in my Etsy shop

Blue Bat

Lace Face

...and now for something completely different: Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

Fox with vintage hunting rifle

Godzilla vs. Octopus

Hawk w/ Guinea Pigs!

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

Bird w/ Bunny

Whiskers & Blue Beauty

Fancy & Good Dog



Alien and Orange Bird

Blue Goat

Blue Ogre

Orange Owl 2

Winged Lion

Space Man


Cat with Birds

Stripey Cat and Gorilla

Boogeyman and Wolfman

(A lot of these photos are from my Instagram . The arty filters don't translate very well on the "big screen.")
Blue Bird and Green Cat

Freudian, indeed!

Sugar Skull #2

Tigre Blanco and Blue Birdy




Toad & Mole


Fuzzy Alien

Dog with glasses

Beetle & Wasp

Math Cat 


Deer with piano

White Rabbit & Bookworm

Blue Ox 2 & Singing Pup

Mandril 2

Orange Ape

Yellow Hare


Alien with Kitten

Maneki Neko and Green Bird

Pink Cat and Pink Dog

Cat Skull and Smiley Cat

Blue Ox and Green Dog

Ram & Goat

Anna Piaggi

pigeon and rat

green bird 2 and seahorse

happy ape and green dog
smiling orange ape


orange owl

alien with kitten