Friday, December 9, 2011

Moco Loco

Today my paintings are featured at Moco Loco.
curtain, 8x9", acrylic/charcoal/graphite

"Monsters and architecture appear to be new themes that flow through work by Minnesota artist Jennifer Davis. Some of the contrasts are bolder, some of the colours are brighter, but Davis continues to serve up her blend of whimsy. The usual suspects (girls, animals, patterns) share the canvas with houses (inside and out), the boogeyman (and pals), a Movember old soul and some colourful flora, to name but a few new offerings."

See more here.


RAKU. said...

I love your work, congratulations! I was mad about the white but the colors black and these acids are making me forget it.

Jennifer Davis Art said...

Thank you, Raku!