Monday, June 13, 2011

Various Projects

I have been working on all kinds of fun projects!
I painted up this wooden hat/wig stand that I found at a garage sale. I wish I had a bazillion more of these to work with...SO FUN!
More views here.

This is one of three paintings I did as illustrations for a story in an upcoming issue of Nido, a german parenting/family magazine. This poor little schoolgirl is lamenting her lost love. =0(

I have also been making some custom pet portraits. This is Vinnie.
See "Apollo" and "Marcy" here.

and...I've been making lots of new paintings too!
More paintings in my Etsy shop...
Thanks for looking.


anastasia said...

fantastic head! i adore the mushroom paintings you've done as well!

Sunny said...

These are amazing!<3
Love those painted wig stand, so fun!

Gina Lee Bean said...

Love the pet portraits jennifer! x

Jennifer Davis Art said...

thank yous! xoxo-jd

Jo James said...

I already let my husband know that all I want for Christmas is one of your pet portraits. He needs lots of notice for these things :)

Jennifer Davis Art said...

hahaha! Way to plan ahead, Jo! xo!

amber heagerty said...

I love the new art! The flower buds on the black background is lovely 8}